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J.Sons Merchant Navy Institute
PIC :- Mr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma
Mobile :- +91-9917000833
Add :-Near Machhra Degree College, Machhra, Garh Road, Meerut-250106
Tele-fax :- 01233-256243
E-mail :-
"The J.Sons Merchant Navy Institute has its own spacious campus at Meerut City (U.P.) from where India’s struggle for freedom during mid-nineteenth century started. It is a city of educational institutes and growing industrial centrewith in a radius of 70 kilometers from the capital, Delhi. It is the largest city of National Capital Region. The city is geographically located in the north/west region of Uttar Pradesh and is one of the most prosperous districts of the state. The campus of the institute is pollution free and has got an appropriate environment for conducting educational programs.The institute provides physical, practical, theoretical and audio/visual training to groom the trainings into the competent mariners able to master the latest technology and trends.


J Sons Merchant Navy institute came into existence in year 2003 and is the brainchild of Late Mr. Akhil Gupta who was a renowned industrialist and Secretary of Intellectual’s Conference of India. After untimely demise of Mr. Akhil Gupta in 2004, a trust, formed with the name “Sri Akhil Gupta Memorial Trust” assumed the responsibility of continual efficient running of the institute with its secretary MrShalabh Gupta on the helm. J. Sons Merchant Navy Institute (JMNI) is situated in a lush green environment near MachhraDigree College, Garh Road, Meerut. The Institute has been granted approval by the “Director General of Shipping”, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India, for conducting Pre-Sea Training for GP Rating and Basic STCW modular courses.

Importance of Shipping

Importance of shipping can be appreciated by the fact that 95% of world’s cargo is transported by ships. Economy of the world depends upon shipping. All attempts are made to make ships safe and economical for carrying different types of cargo.

A ship is a floating vessel used for transporting cargo across the oceans and through rivers. Ships come in different sizes and arrangements to carry different types of cargo. Ships have served mankind since pre historic times. Modern ships are made of steel and equipped with very powerful engines.

There are two major categories (not counting the ships for defense – Navy) - namely Cargo Ships and Passenger Ships. Cargo Ships are further subdivided into Dry Cargoes and Wet Cargoes as given in the chart below. There are other types that can be placed under ‘special category’.

Types of Ships

Life on board ships

Ships move along the coast and across the oceans and carry different types of cargoes. Number of persons working on a ship depends upon its type, size and its trade. The number of persons can range between 6-30 and greater number on passenger ships. It is important for each person to be able to work independently as well as in a small team. Physical health, agility, good habit, and discipline are very important qualities required of a seafarer. One needs to be willing to work with hands, in different conditions, be safety conscious, and be able to stay away from home and friends for few months at a time.

General Purpose Rating (GP Rating)

GP Rating candidates are those who have been trained in both Deck and Engine Room duties. Such ratings may be employed in either department according to the needs of the company. Ratings participate in seamanship activities, cargo handling, maintenance work, operation and maintenance of machinery.

Every candidate desirous of joining the Merchant Navy as a Rating is essentially required to hold a passing out certificate of Pre-Sea Training and Five Basic Modular Courses i.e. PSSR, PST, EFA, FPFF, & OTF Course from an approved Institute of Director General of Shipping, Government of India and a CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate).